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   Here are the links to some of the stories that have been published on local Bands, singers and festivals.

   Drop by to check out the latest articles as I will be updating this list from time to time. 

 Stanfest folk festival          http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=3478 

Voivod live                            http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=3543

Jann Arden                           http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=1937

Shades of Sorrow                 http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=1852

Makayla Lynn                        http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=873

Rik Reese                              http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=758

Chris Martin                          http://www.musiclifemagazine.net/?p=638



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NSMW'S - 2014 https://davidhodgesphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/nsmws---2014 Well, the NSMW'S are this week in Truro, NS. on November 6-9, 2014. My motel room has been booked for Friday and Saturday night and I'm now working on my shooting schedule. Every year the shooting schedule becomes harder to make. I'm always torn between bands that I have already covered and new up and coming bands. My primary reason for being there is to give coverage to the bands that can least afford it. it's just my way of giving back to the music community for everything they have given me.

 I always look forward to the NSMW's as it lets me catch up with old friends and make new ones.  The networking and contacts  that I make during the week justifies the expense of the trip (or so I keep telling myself). There is one major highlight happening on Friday at the Legion upstairs at 11:30pm. Matt Minglewood and Sam Moon are performing together. they haven't  performed together since  the universal power band in 1969 to 1973. they are calling themselves "full moon minglewood rising" and I for one will be up front taking it all in.

My shooting schedule so far includes Makayla Lynn , J.D.Clarke,  the Gordie Sampson song camp circle (a favorite) , , Carmen Townsend, Adam Baldwin, Chris Martin Trio, Jessie Brown and the Black Divine , The Town Heroes, The Stanfields, Matt Mays, Alacia Putnam, Kim Harris, Ian Janes, Christina Martin, Samantha Power, John Campbelljohn, the Mellotones and of course Blue Rodeo.

There are a number of artists and bands that I have shot before that I'm trying to fit into the shooting schedule but there are 6 venues and most are running shows at the same time. Alert the medic , Cyndi Cain, Dana Beeler, Witchitaw, Matthew Hornell, Carleton Stone, Kyle Mischiek, Molly Thomason,  Charlie A' Court, SoHo Ghetto, in Flight Safety, Glory Glory, Quiet Parade, Floodland, are all musicians I would like to shoot again however there is just so much time.

There are shows at six venues . the web site for more information is www.nsmw.ca

It's going to be a great party, If your in Truro this weekend take in some of the shows and support our local talent. Who knows you just might have a good time.



















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